ARENA Programme 2017

The Geothermal Training Programme (GTP) is operated within Orkustofnun (The National Energy Authority of Iceland). Orkustofnun became an Associated

ARENA Programme 2017


2017 (7 days)



Total participants



  • Alaska Center for Energy and Power
  • Aleut International Association
  • Gwich’in Council International
  • Polar Knowledge Canada - Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Target group

Northern energy champions in underdeveloped arctic areas


The UNU-GTP hosted and co-organised the ARENA Programme 5-11 November. 

ARENA 2017 is a project endorsed by the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group, focusing on building human and organizational capacity to enhance the reliability, affordability and sustainability of the energy systems serving the communities of the Northern hemisphere.  

The ARENA 2017 program is organized by the United States - Department of State through the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, Canada - Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada through Polar Knowledge Canada, and Iceland - Ministry for Foreign Affairs through UNU Geothermal Training Programme, and co-lead by Finland, Gwich’in Council International, and Aleut International Association.

The program consisted of project work carried out under supervision of expert mentors, and short courses held in:
Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada, March 19-26
Fairbanks, Kotzebue and Nome, Alaska, USA, June 17-26
Reykjavík, Iceland, November 5-11, 2017

The programme in Iceland consists of lectures on the possibilities of renewable and sustainable use of geothermal resources and hydro power based on Iceland's experience.  The participants received lectures on geothermal exploration, development and utilisation, covering both electrical generation as well as direct use from low-medium temperature geothermal areas.  They also got an introduction on large and small scale hydro power development in Iceland focusing specifically on micro hydro developments for powering rural communities.  The programme included two field trips giving the participants a chance to visit a hydro power plant and experience different geothermal utilisation in Iceland in practice.


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