Short Course on Geothermal Project Management and Development 2008

The Geothermal Training Programme (GTP) is operated within Orkustofnun (The National Energy Authority of Iceland). Orkustofnun became an Associated

Short Course on Geothermal Project Management and Development 2008

held at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda, 20-22 November, 2008


2008 (3 days)



Total participants



  • Department of Geological Survey and Mines (MEMD -DGSM)
  • ISOR (Iceland GeoSurvey)
  • Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)


This three day event was co-organized by the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP), Kenya Electricity Generating Company, Ltd. (KenGen) and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (DGSM) in Uganda.

The 22 African participants came from 10 countries of East Africa. Besides the home country Uganda with 5 participants, the other African participants came from Djibouti (3), Ethiopia (3), Eritrea (1), Tanzania (4), Rwanda (1), Burundi (1), Zambia (2), D.R. Congo (1), and finally Yemen (1) which shares common geological features with East Africa. In addition, two Europeans also took part, from BGR in Germany, and from UNIDO-ICS in Italy.

As the name indicates the short course focussed on geothermal project management and the development of geothermal resources. The aim was to promote and improve focus in planning of geothermal projects in the region and further the development of geothermal resources into production. The timing of the short course was prior to the scheduled ARGeo C-2 conference be held in Entebbe, Uganda on 24-25th of November. The ARGeo facility and conferences are the main cooperation partnerships of the East African countries with regard to geothermal development.

Teaching and organization of the short course was in the hands of 5 experts from Iceland (UNU-GTP, ISOR, and Reykjavik Geothermal), 6 experts from Kenya, one from Ethiopia, and one from Uganda. All are former UNU Fellows. In addition, two renowned international experts from El Salvador and the Philippines, lecturred on geothermal utilization and development.

The lectures and project work covered the status of geothermal energy in the world, with emphasis on East Africa, phases of geothermal development, resource assessment and geothermal project planning and management.


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