Geothermal Training Programme

      MSc reports 2010 UNU Fellow reports 2010 Angcoy Jr., E.C., 2010: Geochemical modelling of the high-temperature Mahanagdong geothermal




MSc reports 2010
UNU Fellow reports 2010

Angcoy Jr., E.C., 2010: Geochemical modelling of the high-temperature Mahanagdong geothermal field, Leyete, Philippines. Report 1, 71 pp.

Rivera Ayala, M.A., 2010: Coupled geothermal reservoir-wellbore simulation with a case study for the Námafjall field, N-Iceland. Report 2, 66 pp.

Koestono, H., 2010: Lahendong geothermal field, Indonesia: Geothermal model based on wells LHD-23 and LHD-28. Report 3, 90 pp.

Lemma Didana, Y., 2010: Multidimentional inversion of MT data from Krysuvik high-temperature geothermal field, SW-Iceland, and study of how 1D and 2D inversion can reproduce a given 2D/3D resistivity structure using synthetic MT data. Report 4, 94 pp.

Gebrehiwot Mesfin, K., 2010: Subsurface geology, hydrothermal alteration and geothermal model of northern Skardsmyrarfjall, Hellisheidi geothermal field. Report 5, 65 pp.

Afeworki O., M., 2010:  Analysis of temperature and pressure characteristics of the Hverahlíd geothermal field in the Hengill geothermal system, SW-Iceland. Report 6, 1-28.

Aguirre, L.A., 2010:  Main considerations in the protection system design for a geothermal power plant. Report 7, 29-52.

Ali Saïd, B., 2010:  Joint 1-D inversion of TEM and MT data - example from Krýsuvík high-temperature area, SW-Iceland. Report 8, 53-70.

Alnethary, M.F.A., 2010:  Borehole geology and alternation mineralogy of well HE-52, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 9, 71-98.

Bett, E.K., 2010:  Geothermal well cementing, materials and placement techniques. Report 10, 99-130.

De Roche, T.E., 2010:  Environmental factors to be considered in geothermal exploration/production in Dominica. Report 11, 131-150.

Fantaye, T., 2010:  Magnetotelluric and transient electromagnetic methods in geothermal exploration with examples from the Krýsuvík area, SW-Iceland. Report 12, 151-182.

Franco N., L.A., 2010:  Hydrogen sulphide abatement during discharge of geothermal steam from well pads: A case study of well pad TR-18, El Salvador. Report 13, 183-212.

Gombo, M., 2010:  Drilling programme for a low-temperature geothermal well using a small rig - Case history: Siglufjördur, N-Iceland. Report 14, 213-234.

Irabaruta, C., 2010: Joint 1-D inversion of TEM and MT resistivity data, comparison with mineral alteration and temperature in drillholes - Case study: Krýsuvík area, SW-Iceland. Report 15, 235-264.

Kanda, I.K., 2010:  The Domes well field at Olkaria, Kenya: Reservoir characteristics with emphasis on fluid chemistry. Report 16, 265-294.

Li Yuanyuan, 2010:  Chemical characteristics and the formation conditions of geothermal fluids in Reykir at Reykjabraut, N-Iceland. Report 17, 295-318.

Maynard-Date, A., 2010:  Generating capacity and sustainable use of geothermal resources in Nevis. Report 18, 319-336.

Mbia, P.K., 2010:  Borehole geology and hydrothermal alterations of well HE-39, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 19, 337-364.

Miyora, T.O., 2010:  Controlled directional drilling in Kenya and Iceland. Report 20, 365-390.

Mutia, T.M., 2010:  CDM projections for Kenya: Towards a green geothermal economy - The case of Olkaria and Menengai geothermal power projects. Report 21,391-418.

Mwarania, F.M., 2010:  A reservoir assessment of the southeast part of Olkaria Domes geothermal field, Kenya. Report 22, 419-440.

Ndetei, C.J., 2010:  Noise assessment and H2S dispersion at Olkaria geothermal power plant, Kenya. Report 23, 441-462.

Njue, L.M., 2010:  Borehole geology and hydrothermal mineralisation of well HE-27, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 24, 463-492.

Pang Jumei, 2010:  Reinjection into well ST0902 and tracer testing in the Xiongxian geothermal field, Hebei Province, China. Report 25, 493-524.

Purwono, A.N., 2010:  Comparison and selection of a steam gathering system in Ulubelu geothermal project, Sumatera, Indonesia. Report 26, 525-562.

Quintero R, R.M., 2010:  Borehole geology of well SJ9-2, San Jacinto - Tizate geothermal field, NW-Nicaragua. Report 27, 563-588.

Souleiman Cheik, H., 2010:  Prefeasibility design of a 2x25 MW single-flash geothermal power plant in Asal, Djibouti. Report 28,589-610.

Sulistyardi, H.B., 2010:  Basic design of Lumut Balai 2x55 MW geothermal power plant, Indonesia. Report 29, 611-646.

Tri Handoko, B., 2010:  Resource assessment of Tompaso geothermal field, Indonesia. Report 30, 647-674.

Vanegas C., M.A., 2010:  Chemical assessment of water prospects for direct applications in Nicaragua. Report 31, 675-709.

Zhao Na, 2010:  Geochemical simulation of lake water injection into the geothermal reservoir in Tianjin, China. Report 32, 711-730.

Zhen-Wu, B.Y., 2010:  Gas geochemistry of the Miravalles, Pailas and Borinquen geothermal areas of Costa Rica, and a comparison with Reykjanes and Theistareykir geothermal fields, Iceland. Report 33, 731-766.



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