Geothermal Training Programme

      MSc reports 2011 UNU Fellow reports 2011 Rodríguez, A., 2011: Water-rock interaction of silicic rocks: an experimental and geochemical




MSc reports 2011
UNU Fellow reports 2011

Rodríguez, A., 2011: Water-rock interaction of silicic rocks: an experimental and geochemical modelling study. Report 1, 44 pp.

Nugroho, A.J., 2011: Optimization of electrical power production from high-temperature geothermal fields with respect to silica scaling proplems. Report 2, 49 pp.

Padilla Rivas, E.K., 2011: Transport and precipitation of carbon and sulphur in the Reykjanes geothermal system, Iceland. Report 3, 39 pp.                    

Akbar, A. M., 2011: An assessment of the geothermal potential of Bangladesh. Report 5, 1-33.

Aráuz T., M. A., 2011: Environmental monitoring of geothermal projects in Nicaragua. Report 6, 35-66.

Avilés J., V. M., 2011: Instrumentation appraisal in single and double flash power plants. Report 7, 67-83.

Badilla E., D., 2011: Resistivity imaging of the Santa Maria sector and the Northern zone of Las Pailas geothermal area, Costa Rica, using joint 1D inversion of TDEM and MT data. Report 8, 85-118.

Barkaoui, A. E., 2011: Joint 1D inversion of TEM and MT resistivity data with an example from the area around the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, S-Iceland. Report 9, 119-148.

Chemwotei, S. C., 2011: Geothermal drilling fluids. Report 10, 149-177.

Cui Y., 2011: Sustainable utilization of low- temperature geothermal systems with limited natural recharge. Report 11, 179-202.

Henriquez B., W. A., 2011: Analysis of the potential, market and technologies of geothermal resources in Honduras. Report 12, 203-222.

Ivanov, N., 2011: Ground source heat pump simulation in Tuv province, Mongolia. Report 13, 223-248. 

Khoirunissa, I., 2011: Hydrogen sulphide dispersion for Hellisheidi and Nesjavellir geothermal power plants, SW-Iceland using AERMOD. Report 14, 249-280.

Kipng’ok, J., 2011: Fluid chemistry, feed zones and boiling in the first geothermal exploration well at Menengai, Kenya. Report 15, 281-302.

Kiruja, J., 2011: Use of geothermal energy in dairy processing. Report 16, 303-326.

Koech, V. K., 2011: Initial conditions of wells OW 905A, OW 907A, OW 913A and OW 916A, and a simple natural state model of Olkaria domes geothermal field, Kenya. Report 17, 327-356.

Kosari T., A., 2011: Interpretation of geochemical well test data for well NWS-6D, NW-Sabalan, Iran:  An implication for scaling potential and recommended inhibition methods. Report 18, 357-390.

Liu, J., 2011: Well test interpretation and production prediction for well SD-01 in the Skarddalur low-temperature field, Siglufjördur, N-Iceland. Report 19, 391-416.

Lugaizi, I., 2011: Borehole geology and hydrothermal mineralisation of well HE-32, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 20, 417-465.

Maqway, M. D., 2011: Assessment of trace element levels in water from Rungwe geothermal area, SW-Tanzania. Report 21, 467-486.

Mbithi, U. K., 2011: Initial conditions of wells OW-906A, OW-908, OW-910A and OW-914 and a simple natural state model of Olkaria domes geothermal field, Kenya. Report 22, 487-512.

Melara E., E. E., 2011: Calcite scaling in geothermal production wells in El Salvador, current situation and control methodology. Report 23, 513-544.

Mgejwa, N. M., 2011: Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration of Well HE-55 at Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW–Iceland. Report 24, 545-578.

Miranda H., C. A., 2011: Silica polymerization in the Cerro Prieto geothermal field – A general review. Report 25, 579-604.

Mwakirani, R. M., 2011: Resistivity structure of Paka geothermal prospect in Kenya. Report 26, 605-633.

Mwangi, A. W., 2011: Joint 1D inversion of MT and TEM data from Eburru, Kenya, and processing of gravity data from Theistareykir, NE-Iceland. Report 27, 635-668.

Namugize, J. N., 2011: Preliminary environmental impact assessment of geothermal exploration and development in Karisimbi, Rwanda. Report 28, 669-708.

Nazif, H., 2011: Feasibility of developing binary power plants in the existing geothermal production areas in Indonesia. Report 29, 709-735.

Omondi, C., 2011: Borehole geology and hydrothermal mineralisation of wells MW-01 and MW-02, Menengai geothermal field, Central Kenya Rift Valley. Report 30, 737-773.

Ruan, C., 2011: Numerical modelling of water level changes in Tianjin low-temperature geothermal system, China. Report 31, 775-798.

Suwai, J. J., 2011: Preliminary reservoir analysis of Menengai geothermal field exploration wells. Report 32, 799-826.

Syed, N. I., 2011: Analysis of well test data for the estimation of reservoir parameters and the prediction of pressure response using WellTester and Lumpfit. Report 33, 827-852.

Wijetilake, P. S. M. S., 2011: The potential of geothermal energy resources in Sri Lanka. Report 34, 853-874.



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