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      Geothermal Training in Kenya 2012 - 2013 UNU Fellow reports 2013 Reports of trainees completing "Advanced Training in




Geothermal Training in Kenya 2012 - 2013

UNU Fellow reports 2013

Reports of trainees completing "Advanced Training in Borehole Geology" given by the UNU-GTP for KenGen, in July 2012 - January 2013. Borehole Geology of Wells OW-35 and OW-37A, Olkaria East Geothermal Field, Kenya:

Mwania, M., Munyiri, S. and Okech, E., 2013: Borehole Geology and Hydrothermal Mineralisation of Well OW-35, Olkaria East Geothermal Field, Central Kenya Rift Valley.  Report 1, 56 pp. 

Otieno, V. and Kubai, R., 2013: Borehole Geology and Hydrothermal Mineralisation of Well OW-37A, Olkaria East Geothermal Field, Kenya.  Report 2, 105 pp.

Africa J.R., 2013:  1D inversion of MT and TEM data with application of soundings from Krýsuvík, SW-Iceland and a review of MT/TEM data from Bacman geothermal project, Central Philippines. Report 5, 1-34.

Antonio, K.E.S., 2013: Comparison of simulations of the Tanawon sector simultaneous discharge test in Bacon-Manito geothermal field in the Philippines. Report 6, 35-64.

Chauhan, V., 2013:  Geothermal space heating and thermal storage using phase change material in Chumathang, India. Report 7, 65-90.

Kamunya, K.M., 2013: Scaling potential during production in Hverahlíd field, Hengill high-temperature geothermal area, SW-Iceland. Report 8, 91-108.

MSc reports 2013

Aguirre, L. A., 2013: Modelling and Stability Analysis of Berlin Geothermal Power Plant in El Salvador. Report 3, 52 pp.

Lichoro, C. M., 2013: Multi-Dimensional interpretation of Electromagnetic data from Silali geothermal field in Kenya: Comparison of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D MT inversion. Report 4, 135 pp.

Kinyanjui, S., 2013: Direct use of geothermal energy in Menengai, Kenya: Proposed geothermal spa and crop drying . Report 9, 109-142.

Kipchumba, L.J., 2013: Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration of wells MW-08 and MW-11, Menengai geothermal field, Kenya. Report 10, 143-176.

Kipsang, C., 2013: Cost model for geothermal wells. Report 11, 177-200.

Lajwe, G., 2013: Comparison, characterization, and interpretation of geothermal fluid geochemistry in the sedimentary environments of Kibiro, Panyimur, and Öxarfjördur. Report 12, 201-234.

Li Shengtao, 2013: Production capacity assessment of the Hoffell low-temperature geothermal system, SE-Iceland. Report 13, 235-260.

Long Hui, 2013: Comparison of borehole and surface resistivity at Theistareykir, NE-Iceland. Report 14, 261-288.

Lopeyok, T.P., 2013: Borehole geology and hydrothermal mineralisation of wells MW-09 and MW-12, Menengai geothermal field, Kenya. Report 15, 289-324.

Makuk, I.K., 2013: Reducing geothermal drilling problems to improve performance in Menengai. Report 16, 325-358.

Masum, M., 2013: Geothermal gradient and geology of Hoffell low-temperature field, SE-Iceland. Report 17, 359-382.

Matus Pravia, I.A., 2013: Volumetric, lumped and 2-D numerical models of the Momotombo reservoir, Nicaragua. Report 18, 383-410.

Mohamud, Y.N., 2013: 1D joint inversion of TEM and MT data: Suswa geothermal field, Rift Valley, Kenya. Report 19, 411-442.

Monroy Parada, A.F., 2013: Geothermal binary cycle power plant principles, operation and maintenance. Report 20, 443-476.

Munasinghe, M.M.T.N.B., 2013: Geothermal exploration in Gufudalur, Hveragerdi, SW-Iceland. Report 21, 477-500.

Mwagomba, T., 2013: Comparative analysis of geothermal power plant designs suitable for Malawi’s Chiweta geothermal field. Report 22, 501-530.

Niyigena, J.P., 2013: Geochemistry of thermal water from the Theistareykir geothermal field in NE-Iceland compared to that of the geothermal prospects in NW-Rwanda. Report 23, 531-546.

Okoo, J.A., 2013: Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration mineralogy of well OW-39A, Olkaria geothermal project, Naivasha, Kenya. Report 24, 547-576.

Okwiri, L.A., 2013: Geothermal drilling time analysis: A case study of Menengai and Hengill. Report 25, 577-598.

Omiti, A.O., 2013: Resistivity structure of the Eburru geothermal field, Kenya, depicted through 1D joint inversion of MT and TEM data. Report 26, 599-624.

Omar F., F., 2013: Directional well design, trajectory and survey calculations, with a case study in Fiale, Asal Rift, Djibouti. Report 27, 625-658.

Omar M., A., 2013: Geothermal well design. Report 28, 659-690.

Pichardo López, C.M., 2013: Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration of well SV-5A, San Vicente geothermal field, El Salvador, C.A. Report 29, 691-716.

Ponce, A.S., 2013: Analysis of geothermal casing thinning rate of Leyte geothermal production field. Report 30, 717-746.

Redie K., W., 2013: Injection and production well testing in the geothermal fields of southern Hengill and Reykjanes, SW-Iceland and Theistareykir, N-Iceland. Report 31, 747-768.

Rop, E., 2013: Interpretation of recent temperature and pressure data and updated conceptual model of the Greater Olkaria geothermal system, Kenya. Report 32, 769-806.

Saitet, D.S., 2013: Synthesis of well test data and modelling of Olkaria South East production field. Report 33, 807-844.

Uwera, J., 2013: Design of a cooling system for storage of agricultural products with emphasis on Irish potatoes. Report 34, 845-872.

Verave, R.T., 2013: Detection and delineation of geothermal resources using 1D joint inversion of MT and TEM data with practical applications from Reykjanes geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 35, 873-900.

Wakana, F., 2013: Preliminary study of binary power plant feasibility comparing ORC and Kalina for low-temperature resources in Rusizi Valley, Burundi. Report 36, 901-932.

Woldesemayet, B., 2013: Processing and 1D inversion of magnetotelluric data from Dubti area in Tendaho geothermal field, Ethiopia. Report 37, 933-956.

Shakhin-Uz-Zaman, M., 2013: Chemical assessment of Icelandic geothermal fluids for direct applications. Report 38, 957-989.




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