Geothermal Training Programme

      MSc reports 2014 UNU Fellow reports 2014 Mbia, P.K., 2014: Sub-surface geology, petrology and hydrothermal alteration of




MSc reports 2014
UNU Fellow reports 2014

Mbia, P.K., 2014: Sub-surface geology, petrology and hydrothermal alteration of Menengai geothermal field, Kenya. Report 1, 87 pp.

Mwarania, F.M., 2014: Reservoir evaluation and modelling of the Eburru geothermal system, Kenya. Report 2, 58 pp.

Aráuz Torres, M.A., 2014: Modelling H2S dispersion from San Jacinto-Tizate geothermal power plant, Nicaragua. Report 3, 54 pp.

Koech, V.K., 2014: Numerical geothermal reservoir modelling and infield reinjection design, constrained by tracer test data: Case study for the Olkaria geothermal field in Kenya. Report 5, 69 pp.

Miyora, T.O., 2014: Modelling and optimization of geothermal drilling parameters - A case study of well MW-17 in Menengai, Kenya. Report 6, 66 pp.

Ambunya, M.N.:  Natural-state model update of Olkaria Domes geothermal field. Report 7, 38 pp.

Auko, L.O.:  Evaluation of fluid - mineral interaction in the Menengai geothermal system, Central Rift, Kenya. Report 8, 26 pp.

Bawasu, M.L.:  Borehole stratigraphy and alteration mineralogy of well HE-6, Hellisheidi, SW-Iceland. Report 9, 26 pp.

Calderón Torres, M.A.:  Study of Chachimbiro and Chacana geothermal projects, Ecuador, and volumetric assessment. Report 10, 32 pp.

Dayan, G.M.:  Drilling fluid design for geothermal wells. Report 11, 34 pp.

De Freitas, M.A.:  Geothermal resource assessment of the Wotten Waven geothermal field – Dominica, West Indies. Report 12, 29 pp.

Gorfie Beyene, D.:  Electrical control and protection system of geothermal power plants. Report 13, 22 pp.

Hernández Ayala, J.A.:  Gas - mineral equilibrium in the Berlín geothermal field, El Salvador. Report 14, 28 pp.

Hosseinzadeh, A.:  Air quality impact assessment: H2S dispersion modelling for the Sabalan geothermal power plant, NW-Iran. Report 15, 24 pp.

Kahiga, E.W.:  Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration mineralogy of well MW-13, Menengai geothermal field, Kenya. Report 16, 34 pp.

Khaemba, A.W.:  Well design, cementing techniques and well work-over to land deep production casings in the Menengai field. Report 17, 30 pp.

Luo Chao:  Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic optimization of a power plant in Sichuan, China. Report 18, 26 pp.

Mekonnen Berehannu, M.:  Geochemical interpretation of discharge from Reykjanes wells RN-29 and RN-32, SW-Iceland. Report 19, 18 pp.

Mnzava, F.J.:  Subsurface geology and hydrothermal alteration of well HE-4, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW- Iceland. Report 20, 30 pp.

Mohamed Abdillahi, M.: Predicting output curves for deep wells in the Asal Rift, Djibouti. Report 21, 22 pp.

Mwawasi, H.M.:  Feasibility study of using a downhole pumping system in Menengai well MW-17 for geothermal utilization. Report 22, 22 pp.

Ng‘ang‘a, S.I.:  Cementing processes in geothermal well drilling: application and techniques. Report 23, 37 pp.

Nkapiani, M.N.:  Application of stable isotope geochemistry to tracing recharge and flow systems of fluids in the Olkaria geothermal field, Kenya. Report 24, 22 pp.

Ntihabose, L.:  Well test analysis and temperature and pressure monitoring of Krafla and Nesjavellir high-temperature geothermal fields, Iceland. Report 25, 30 pp.

Nzioka, F.K.:  Preliminary design of a hot water distribution system for greenhouse heating, Olkaria, Kenya. Report 26, 32 pp.

Awili Oketch, B.:  Analysis of stuck pipe incidents in Menengai. Report 27, 28 pp.

Ali Osman, A.:  Increased exergetic efficiency by using a back pressure turbine for high wellhead pressures at Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. Report 28, 20 pp.

Rangel, M.G.V.M.:  Temperature model and tracer test analysis for the Ribeira Grande geothermal system, São Miguel Island, Azores. Report 29, 28 pp.

Robleh Djama, D.: Borehole geology and alteration mineralogy of well RN-12, Reykjanes geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 30, 32 pp.

Uwase, A.:  Preliminary Terms of Reference (TOR) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of geothermal exploration drilling in Bugarama, Rwanda. Report 31, 22 pp.

Villarroel Camacho, D.G.:  Geochemical studies of geothermal fluid and evaluation of well test results from wells SM-01, SM-02 and SM-03, Sol de Mañana field, geothermal project, Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. Report 32, 24 pp.

Viveiros Pereira, V.:  Calcium carbonate scaling control in geothermal well PV8 in Sao Miguel, Azores, combining chemical inhibition and mechanical reaming. Report 33, 24 pp.

Wanyonyi, E.W.:  Fluid-rock interaction and initial aquifer geochemistry in the Olkaria geothermal system. Report 34, 20 pp.

Zelada Quán, Y.L.:  Analysis of variations in the characteristics of the geothermal fluid produced from the Sudureyri low-temperature geothermal system in NW-Iceland. Report 35, 28 pp.


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