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  MSc reports 2017 UNU Fellow reports 2017 Kiruja, P.J.M., 2017: The viability of supplying an industrial park with thermal energy from



MSc reports 2017
UNU Fellow reports 2017

Kiruja, P.J.M., 2017: The viability of supplying an industrial park with thermal energy from Menengai geothermal field. Report 1, 55 pp.

Okwiri, L.A., 2017: Risk Assessment and Risk Modelling in Geothermal Drilling. Report 2, 62 pp.

Tsokonombwe, G.W., 2017: Hydrogeochemistry modelling of Chiweta geothermal prospect, Northern Malawi. Report 3, 62 pp.

Ambunya, M.N., 2017: Processing and inverting resistivity soundings from Mt. Longonot field, Kenya. An interpretation of the subsurface resistivity structure in the context of the geothermal field. Report 4, 139 pp.

Villarroel Camacho, D.G., 2017: The geochemistry of silica in Icelandic geothermal systems. Report 5, 25 pp.

Belay Solomon, T., 2017: Gas geothermometry and equilibria in Icelandic geothermal systems. Report 7, 12 pp.

Cahyono, Y.D., 2017: The assessment of steam above ground system of Unit-1 and Unit-2 Ulubelu geothermal field, Indonesia, after 5 years of operation. Report 8, 50 pp.

Dolma, K., 2017: Pilot cogeneration plant for Puga geothermal field: Providing clean energy solution to a nomadic residential school in Puga, India. Report 9, 26 pp.

Elfina, 2017: Updated conceptual model of the Patuha geothermal field, Indonesia. Report 10, 24 pp.

Eshetu Gemechu, A., 2017: Geothermal exploration in Graendalur valley, Hveragerdi, S-Iceland. Report 11, 22 pp.

Imaidi, D.L., 2017: Analysis of maintenance methods and developing strategies for optimal maintenance of wellhead power plants at Olkaria geothermal field in Kenya. Report 12, 34 pp.

Kalebe, Y.N., 2017: Chemical and isotopic composition of thermal waters in northern part of Malawi. Report 13, 18 pp.

Kandie, R.J., 2017: Borehole geology and thermal history of well OW-737, Olkaria geothermal field, Kenya. Report 14, 34 pp.

Kemoi, P.C., 2017: The significance of silica and other additives in geothermal well cementing. Report 15, 26 pp.

Li Yiman, 2017: Calcite scaling potential of Kangding geothermal field, W-Sichuan plateau, China. Report 16, 28 pp.

Liu Donglin, 2017: Numerical modelling of geothermal reservoir in Dongli Lake area, China. Report 17, 22 pp.

Mkangala, A., 2017: Borehole geology of well ThG-15 at Theistareykir geothermal field NE-Iceland. Report 18, 20 pp.

Moussa Miguil, A., 2017: Simple modelling of geothermal resources in the Asal Rift area, Djibouti. Report 19, 22 pp.

Murigu, M.M.K., 2017: Design of deep geothermal well using the African Union code of Practice for Geothermal Drilling: A case study of Olkaria, Kenya. Report 20, 28 pp.

Murungi, L.M., 2017: A review of casing cementing practice for geothermal wells in Menengai field, Kenya. Report 21, 26 pp.

Nguyen Dinh Tuan, 2017: Geothermal exploration in Tindar and western side of Gufudalur, hveragerdi, SW-Iceland. Report 22, 28 pp.

Nigussie Gebru, T., 2017: Temperature and well test analysis of selected wells of Aluto Langano geothermal field, Ethiopia. Report 23, 24 pp.

Ochome, J.O., 2017: Modelling of an optimized, automated water supply system with leak detection for Olkaria geothermal area, Kenya. Report 24, 32 pp.

Otieno, S.O., 2017: Interpretation of drawdown test data from Olkaria Domes geothermal field – a case study of OW-907B, OW-912B and OW-917. Report 25, 26 pp.

Salazar Artiga, B.G., 2017: Metal sulphide scaling in production wells in Ahuachapan geothermal field, El Salvador. Report 26, 24 pp.

Santoso, A.I., 2017: Reservoir engineering datasets and simple modelling in early steamfield development. Report 27, 34 pp.

Sezar, H.A., 2017: Pre-feasibility study of geothermal direct use recreational centre: A case study of Songwe prospect in Tanzania. Report 28, 31 pp.

Souleiman Bouraleh, I., 2017: Geochemical interpretation of thermal water and borehole water from the Asal-Ghoubbet region, Djibouti. Report 29, 22 pp.


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