Geothermal Training Programme

        UNU Fellow reports 1996 Montalvo L., F.E.  Tracer modelling and heat mining calculations for the Ahuachapán geothermal field, El




UNU Fellow reports 1996

Montalvo L., F.E.  Tracer modelling and heat mining calculations for the Ahuachapán geothermal field, El Salvador C.A. Report 2, 1-22.

Bogarín C., R.  Geothermal gases as a source of commercial CO2, in Mirvalles, Costa Rica and Haedarendi, Iceland.  Report 3, 23-44.

Irhas, M.  Permeability from pressure build-up tests in the SE-Kamojang field, West Java, Indonesia.  Report 4, 45-70.

Kamah, M.Y.  Borehole geology, hydrothermal alteration and temperature evolution of well KR-2, Krýsuvík, SW-Iceland.  Report 5, 71-102.

Karras, E.  Prospectives for exploiting the geothermal resources of Ikaria, Greece.  Report 6, 103-133.

Khosrawi, K.  Geochemistry of geothermal springs in the Sabalan area, Azarbydjan-Iran.  Report 7, 135-159.

Kyagulanyi, D.  Geothermal exploration in the Hveragerdi-Graendalur area, SW-Iceland.  Report 8, 161-176.

Malik, A.H..  Geothermal exploration of Saudá Valley, north of Hveragerdi, SW-Iceland.  Report 9, 177-195.

Ofwona, C. O.  Analysis of injection and tracer tests data from the Olkaria-East geothermal field, Kenya, Report 10, 197-218.

Panagiotou, C.  Geothermal greenhouse design.  Report 11, 219-250.

Phan Van Tuyen.  Temperature distribution, productivity and utilization schemes for the Efri-Reykir geothermal field, S-Iceland.  Report 12, 251-278.

Quezada M., A.  Interpretation of geophysical well logs from the Nesjavellir geothermal field, Iceland.  Report 13, 279-310.

Requejo, R.A.  Monitoring of production decline and pressure drawdown in geothermal reservoirs using decline curves analysis method.  Report 14, 311-340.

Rodas M., N.R.  Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration of well SV-14, Svartsengi, SW-Iceland.  Report 15, 341-362.

Stanasel, O. Assessment of production characteristics of geothermal fluids and monitoring of corrosion and scaling at Oradea, Romania and Seltjarnarnes, Iceland.  Report 16, 363-398.

Tran Trong Thang.  Chemistry of thermal waters in the area from Quangnam-Danang to Baria-Vungtau, Vietnam.  Report 17, 399-418.

Vallejos R., O.E.  A conceptual reservoir model and numerical simulation studies for the Miravalles geothermal field, Costa Rica.  Report 18, 419-456.

Velegrinos, K.  Geophysical exploration of the Helgavatn low-temperature field, W-Iceland and the Árskógsströnd area N-Iceland.  Report 19, 457-480.

Wambugu, J.M.  Assessment of Olkaria-Northeast geothermal reservoir, Kenya based on well discharge chemistry.  Report 20, 481-509.



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