Geothermal Training Programme

        MSc reports 2002 UNU Fellow reports 2002 Ofwona, C. A reservoir study of Olkaria East  geothermal system, Kenya. University of Iceland.




MSc reports 2002
UNU Fellow reports 2002
Ofwona, C. A reservoir study of Olkaria East  geothermal system, Kenya. University of Iceland. M.Sc. thesis, report 1, 86 pp.

Karingithi, C. Hydrothermal mineral buffers  controlling reactive gases concentration in the greater Olkaria geothermal system, Kenya. M.Sc. thesis, report 2, 61 pp.

Castro, S. Reservoir engineering studies in the Las Pailas geothermal field, Costa Rica. Report 4, 1-26.

Fan Xiaoping  Conceptual model and assessment of the Yangbajing geothermal field, Tibet, China. Report 5, 27-52.

Hajto, M. Preliminary study of the geothermal potential of carboniferous strata in the Pomerania Synclinorium, Poland.  Report 6, 53-75.

Kebede, H.T. Study of geothermal power plant electrical and control system with emphasis on reliability aspects.  Report 7, 77-96.

Kuzmin, D.Y. Solute and gas geothermometers.  Report 8, 97-112.

Ngugi, P. Technical, economic and institutional evaluation of adopting directional drilling by KENGEN. Report 9, 113-146.

Opondo, K.M. Corrosion tests in cooling circuit water at Olkaria I plant and scale predictions for Olkaria and Reykjanes fluids.  Report 10, 147-186.

Puronas, V. A reservoir model and production capacity estimate for Cambrian geothermal reservoir in Kretinga, Lithuania.  Report 11, 187-204.

Renderos, R.E. Chemical characterization of the thermal fluid discharge from well production tests in the Berlín geothermal field, El Salvador.  Report 12, 205-231.

Sener, A.C. Modelling of Balcova geothermal district heating system, Turkey.  Report 13, 233-264.

Tareke, F. Evaluation of wellbore parameters for well HE-4, Hellisheidi, SW-Iceland.  Report 14, 265-286.

Tessema, M. Geothermal binary plant operation and maintenance systems, with Svartsengi power plant as a case study.  Report 15, 287-306.

Vardigoreli, G. Intergrated heating using natural gas and geothermal resources.  Report 16, 307-334.

Xu Youshi Assessment of geothermal resources in the Lishuiqiao area, Beijing, China.  Report 17, 335-358.

Yildirim, N. District heating system modelling for Iztech Campus, Turkey.  Report 18, 359-393.

Yin Heng  A demonstration geothermal project in Beijing - multiple utilization of geothermal energy.  Report 19, 395-414.

Yin Lihe Assessment of geothermal resources in Xi’an, China.  Report 20, 415-430.

Zwarycz, K. Snow melting and heating systems based on geothermal heat pumps at Goleniow airport, Poland.  Report 21, 431-464.



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