Geothermal Training Programme

        UNU Fellow reports 2003 Asturias, F. Reservoir assessment of Zunil I and II geothermal fields, Guatemala.  Report 3, 1-32. Austria,




UNU Fellow reports 2003

Asturias, F. Reservoir assessment of Zunil I and II geothermal fields, Guatemala.  Report 3, 1-32.

Austria, J.  Database system and applications developed for reservoir modelling and monitoring of geothermal fields in the Philippines.  Report 4, 33-74.

Baba, A. Geothermal Environmental Impact Assessment with special reference to the Tuzla geothermal area, Canakkale, Turkey.  Report 5, 75-114.

Chavarria R., L.  Miravalles geothermal field, Costa Rica - Evidence of thermal evolution and comparison of the mineralogy of an acid well and a neutral well.  Report 6, 115-142.

Demissie, Y.  Transient electromagnetic resistivity survey at the Geysir geothermal field, S-Iceland.  Report 7, 143-164.

Eshagpour, M.  Borehole geology and alteration mineralogy of well HE-9 in Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland.  Report 8, 165-187.

Fronda, A.  Application of database in monitoring the performance of geothermal steam fields and power plants in the Philippines.  Report 9, 189-217.

Gendenjamts, O.E.  Interpretation of chemical composition of geothermal fluids from Árskógsströnd, Dalvík and Hrísey, N-Iceland, and in the Khangai area, Mongolia. Report 10, 219-252. 

Hou Haiyan.  Environmental impact of geothermal development in Henan province, China. Report 11, 253-274.

Jacobo, P.E. Gas chemistry of the Ahuachapán and Berlín geothermal fields, El Salvador.  Report 12, 275-304.

Kania,  J.  Geochemical interpretation of thermal fluids from low-temperature wells in Stykkishólmur, W-Iceland, and Pyrzyce, NW-Poland.  Report 13, 305-336.

Kariuki, M.N.  Reservoir assessment and wellbore simulations for the Olkaria Domes geothermal field, Kenya.  Report 14, 337-360.

Li Jun.  Reservoir evaluation of the Zhouliangzhuang geothermal field, Tianjin, China.  Report 15, 361-384.

Lkhagvadorj, I.  The use of geothermal energy in a low-temperature field with a case study from Shargaljut, Mongolia.  Report 16, 385-406.

Mwawughanga, F.M.  Comparison of environmental aspects of geothermal and hydropower development based on case studies from Kenya and Iceland.  Report 17, 407-436.

Rezvani Khalil Abad, M.  Reservoir parameters for well HE-5, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland.  Report 18, 437-463.

Rogowska, A.  District cooling by a geothermal heat source.  Report 19, 465-487.

Taghaddosi, M.  Conceptual modelling of a power plant for the Sabalan geothermal area, Iran.  Report 20, 489-504.

Vereina, O.  Natural state modelling of the Mutnovsky geothermal field, Kamchatka, Russia.  Report 21, 505-526.

Zhang Yuandong.  Assessment of the Kaldárholt geothermal system and associated reinjection into the nearby Laugaland system, S-Iceland.  Report 22, 527-552.



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