Geothermal Training Programme

        MSc reports 2004 UNU Fellow reports 2004 Lagat, J.K.  Geology, hydrothermal alteration and fluid inclusion studies of Olkaria Domes




MSc reports 2004
UNU Fellow reports 2004

Lagat, J.K.  Geology, hydrothermal alteration and fluid inclusion studies of Olkaria Domes geothermal field, Kenya.  MSc thesis, report 1, 79 pp.

Wetang’ula, G.N.  Assessment of geothermal wastewater disposal effects, case studies: Nesjavellir (Iceland) and Olkaria (Kenya) fields.  MSc thesis, report 2, 84 pp.
Asaye, M.  Methods to evaluate flow and scaling in geothermal systems with reference to the case: Aluto Langano power plant, Ethiopia.  Report 3, 1-24.

Burentsagaan, B.  Geothermal evaluation of the Geldinganes area in SW-Iceland and proposal for assessment of the Shivert hot spring area in Mongolia.  Report 4, 25-56.

Chelnokov, G.  Interpretation of geothermal fluid compositions from Mendeleev volcano, Kkunashir, Russia. Report 5, 57-82.

Ganbat, E.  Geothermal investigations at the  Ásgardur farm, Reykholtsdalur, W-Iceland.  Report 6, 83-98.

Jalili-Nasrabadi, S. Geothermal district heating and swimming pool in the Sabalan area, Iran. Report 7, 99-130.

Lei Haiyan.  Simulation of district heating in Tianjin, China.  Report 8, 131-158.

Li Junfeng.  Environmental impact of geothermal development in Tianjin, China.  Report 9, 159-182.

Luo Heng.  Preliminary environmental impact  assessment for the Hágöngur high-temperature area, Central Iceland.  Report 10 183-208.

Moeljanto.  Evaluation of the environmental impact at the Kamojang geothermal field in Indonesia applying the EMS of ISO 14001.  Report 11, 209-238.

Mwawongo, G.M.  Infield re-injection strategies in Olkaria Kenya, based on tracer studies and numerical modelling.  Report 12, 239-266.

Ogola, P.F.A. Appraisal drilling of geothermal wells in Olkaria Domes (IV), Kenya - Baseline studies and socioeconomic impacts.  Report 13, 267-306.

Omer I., M. Geothermal manifestations and  structures in Innstidalur and Middalur, SW-Iceland.  Report 14, 307-324.

Seifu, A.  Evaluation of recent temperature and pressure data from wells in Tendaho geothermal field, Ethiopia and from well HG-1 at Hágöngur, Iceland.  Report 15, 325-348.

Siregar, P.H.H. Optimization of electrical power production process for the Sibayak geothermal field, Indonesia.  Report 16, 349-376.

Xu Wei:  Application of geochemical methods in low-temperature geothermal areas:  Strandir area, NW- Iceland and the Liangxiang field, Beijing, China.  Report 17, 377-402.

Yohannes B.,E.  Geochemical interpretation of thermal water and gas samples from Krýsuvík, Iceland and Alid, Eritrea.  Report 18, 403-438.

Yousefi-Sahzabi, H.  Application of GIS in the Environmental Impact Assessment of Sabalan geothermal field, NW-Iran.  Report 19, 439-474.

Zuhro, A.A.  Numerical modelling of the Kamojang geothermal system, Indonesia.  Report 20, 475-492.



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