Geothermal Training Programme

        MSc reports 2005 UNU Fellow reports 2005 Noorollahi, Y. Application of GIS and remote sensing in exploration and environmental




MSc reports 2005
UNU Fellow reports 2005

Noorollahi, Y. Application of GIS and remote sensing in exploration and environmental management of Námafjall area, N-Iceland. MSc thesis, report 1, 124 pp.

Dorj, P. Thermoeconomic analysis of a new geothermal utilization CHP plant in Tsetserleg, Mongolia, MSc thesis, report 2, 82 pp.

Bahati, G. Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment for the development of Katwe and Kibiro geothermal prospects, Uganda. MSc thesis, report 3, 140 pp.

Bore, K.C. Exergy analysis of Olkaria I power plant, Kenya. Report 5, 1-37.

Elmi, D. Analysis of geothermal well test data from the Asal Rift area, Republic of Djibouti. Report 6, 39-59.

Gebrehiwot, K. Geothermal mapping in western Ölkelduháls high-temperature field, SW-Iceland. Report 7, 61-82.

Hartanto, D.B. Borehole geology and alteration mineralogy of well HE-11, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 8, 83-109.

Hossein-Pourazad, H. High-temperature geothermal well designing. Report 9, 111-123.

Karim, M.A. Assessment of scaling formation in the steam pipeline of production well KMJ-67, Kamojang geothermal field, W-Java, Indonesia. Report 10, 125-136.

Kebede, S. Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment for the development of the Tendaho geothermal area, Ethiopia. Report 11,137-162.

Lashin, A. Reservoir parameter estimation using well logging data and production history of the Kaldárholt geothermal field, S-Iceland. Report 12,163-200.

Minervini, B.E. Geothermal tourist park in the Berlín field, El Salvador, assessment of the use of geothermal brine for bathing and spa. Report 13, 201-246.

Natukunda, J.F. Geothermal mapping in eastern Ölkelduháls field, Hengill area, SW-Iceland. Report 14, 247-264.

Radmehr, B. Preliminary design of a proposed geothermal power plant in the NW-Sabalan area, Azerbayjan-Iran. Report 15, 265-296.

Rodriguez S.,V.A. Analysis of temperature and pressure measurements and production data for Berlín geothermal field, El Salvador. Report 16, 297-332.

Strelbitskaya, S.B. Interpretation of chemical composition of geothermal fluids for Baransky volcano, Iturup Island, Russia. Report 17, 333-351.

Sun Caixia. A different approach for an existing geothermal utilization project in Beijing. Report 18, 353-372.

Sun Ying. Conceptual model and potential assessment of the Xiaotangshan geothermal field, Beijing, China. Report 19, 373-396.

Taskin, V.V. Assessment of calcite and amorphous silica scaling potential from production wells in the Mutnovsky geothermal field, Kamchatka, Russia. Report 20, 397-408.

Wameyo, P.M. Magnetotellurics and transient electromagnetic methods in geothermal prospecting with examples from Menengai, Kenya. Report 21, 409-439.

Wang Liancheng. Multiple geothermal utilization in Tianjin Olympic centre. Report 22, 441-454.

Yu Yuan. Environmental impacts of temporal changes in geochemistry in the Urban geothermal field, Beijing, China. Report 23, 455-478.

Yurchenko, S.G. Environmental impact of geothermal development in the Goryachy Plyazh area, Kunashir Island, Russia. Report 24, 479-502.



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