Geothermal Training Programme

      MSc reports 2008  UNU Fellow reports 2008 Elmi H., D., 2008: Geothermal resource assessment through well testing and production response


MSc reports 2008
 UNU Fellow reports 2008

Elmi H., D., 2008: Geothermal resource assessment through well testing and production response modelling. Report 1, 73 pp.

Austria, J.J.C., 2008: Production capacity assessment of the Bacon-Manito geothermal reservoir, Philippines. Report 2, 86 pp.

Sun C., 2008: Feasibility study of geothermal utilization of Yangbajain field in Tibet autonomous region, P.R.China. Report 3, 89 pp.

Jalili Nasrabadi, S., 2008: Open heat exchanger for improved energy efficiency in the heating of hot spas. Report 4, 64 pp.

Bore, C.K., 2008: Analysis of management methods and application to maintenance of geothermal power plants. Report 5, 60 pp.

Rezvani Khalilabad, M., 2008: Characterization of the Hellisheidi-Threngsli CO2 sequestration target aquifer by tracer testing. Report 6, 52 pp.   
Ahmed Youssouf, M., 2008: Borehole geology and hydrothermal mineralisation of well HN-08, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland. Report 8, 1-30.

Al-Dukhain, A.M.H., 2008: Geological and geothermal mapping in the Trölladyngja – Sog area, SW-Iceland. Report 9, 31-52.

Al-Kohlani, T.A.M., 2008: Geochemistry of thermal waters from the Al-Lisi – Isbil geothermal field, Dhamar governorate, Yemen. Report 10, 53-76.

Budi Kesuma Adi Putra, I.M., 2008: Drilling practice with aerated drilling fluid: Indonesia and Iceland geothermal fields. Report 11, 77-100.

Cao Fenglan, 2008: Comparison of two different approaches for a geothermal heating system. Report 12, 101-124.

Chen Gongxin, 2008: The isotopic and chemical characteristics of geothermal fluids from the Western Fjords, Iceland and two selected hot spring areas in the Jiangxi province, SE-China. Report 13, 125-

Daba Hora, G., 2008: Comparative study on the high-temperature fields of Hveravellir in Iceland and Tendaho in Ethiopia. Report 14, 157-176.

Dereinda, F.H., 2008: CO2 emissions from the Krafla geothermal area, Iceland. Report 15, 177-188.

Escobar, R.N., 2008: Main considerations in the design of a geothermal drilling platform, El Salvador, C.A.. Report 16, 189-220.

Gharaibeh, A.A.J., 2008: Heat source study and geothermal reservoir assessment for the Zarqa-Ma’in – Dab’a, area Central Jordan. Report 17, 221-246.

Guo Gaoxuan, 2008: Assessment of the Hofsstadir geothermal field, W-Iceland, by lumped parameter modelling, Monte Carlo simulation and tracer test analysis. Report 18, 247-280.

Han Zheng, 2008: Reservoir assessment of the Xiongxian geothermal field, Hebei province, China. Report 19, 281-304.

Hernández M., O., 2008: Feasibility of operation of the existing geothermal resource of the south-east sector of Miravalles geothermal field. Report 20, 305-330.

Karani, T.W., 2008: Improved operations and reliability by upgrading the Olkaria I control system and installing remote monitoring and control systems for the Olkaria I and II geothermal power plants in Kenya. Report 21, 331-364.

Lopez C., G.A., 2008: Maintenance systems of the Ahuachapan power plant, El Salvador and the Svartsengi power plant, Iceland, comparison and optimization proposal for the Ahuachapan maintenance system. Report 22, 365-386.

Lorenzo P., C.D., 2008: Borehole geophysics and geology of well H-43, the Los Humeros, Puebla geothermal field, México. Report 23, 387-426.

Mbogoni, G.J., 2008: Geological study on sedimentary sequence lithology, depositional history and hydrothermal alteration at Sog, Trölladyngja area, SW-Iceland. Report 24, 427-446.

Nyakecho, C., 2008: Preliminary environmental impact assessment for the development of the Buranga geothermal prospect, Uganda. Report 25, 447-476.

Ruiz C., J.F., 2008: Geochemical interpretation of the Masaya-Granada-Nandaime chemical data, Nicaragua. Report 26, 477-518.

Uhorakeye, T., 2008: Prefeasibility design of an integrated single-flash binary pilot power plant in NW-Rwanda. Report 27, 519-538.

Weldeyohannes H., D., 2008: Origin of geothermal waters and subsurface temperature estimates in the Southern Lowlands of Iceland. Report 28, 539-562.

Zhang Wei, 2008: Design and operation of a geothermal floor heating system in Tianjin, China. Report 29, 563-581.



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