Geothermal Training Programme

        MSc reports 2009 UNU Fellow reports 2009 Tesha, 2009: Absorption refrigeration system as an integrated condenser cooling unit in a




MSc reports 2009
UNU Fellow reports 2009

Tesha, 2009: Absorption refrigeration system as an integrated condenser cooling unit in a geothermal power plant. Report 1, 68 pp.

Bandoro Swandaru, R, 2009: Modelling and optimization of possible bottoming units for general single flash geothermal power plants. Report 2, 29 pp.

Asaye Adale, M., 2009: Evaluation of maintenance management through benchmarking in geothermal power plants. Report 3, 52 pp.

Renderos, R.E., 2009: Carbon dioxide fixation by calcite and diffusive degassing in the southern region of the Berlín geothermal system, El Salvador. Report 4, 41 pp.

Abdillahi Elmi, S., 2009:  Gallium and germanium distribution in geothermal water. Report 5, 1-14.

Abdollahzadeh Bina, F., 2009:  Geothermal resource assessment of the NW-Sabalan field, Iran, through well testing. Report 6, 15-44.

Al-Sabri, A.M., 2009: Geological and geothermal mapping in Djúpavatn-Vigdísarvellir area SW-Iceland. Report 7, 45-64.

Cherutich, S.K., 2009:  Rig selection and comparison of top drive and rotary table drive systems for cost effective drilling projects in Kenya. Report 8, 65-84.

Chiragwile, S.A., 2009: Interpretation of resistivity soundings in the Krýsuvík high-temperature geothermal area, SW-Iceland using joint-inversion of TEM and MT data. Report 9, 85-124.

Dolgorjav, O., 2009: Geochemical characterization of thermal fluids from the Khangay area, Central Mongolia. Report 10, 125-150.

Estévez, J.R., 2009: Electrical protection in geothermal power plant projects. Report 11, 151-178.

Huang Jiachao, 2009:  Assessment of geothermal resources in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, China: lumped parameter modelling and predictions. Report 12, 179-198.

Kayad, M.A., 2009:  Injection test and early production history of well THG-01 at Theistareykir geothermal field, N-Iceland. Report 13, 199-222.

Kombe, C., 2009:  Planning an overhaul of the existing, non-operating Kapisya geothermal binary power plant (using perchloro-ethylene) after a prolonged dormancy period. Report 14, 223-254.

Kurti, A., 2009: Geothermal district heating in a part of Elbasan city, Albania. Report 15, 255-288.

Lichoro, C.M., 2009a:  Joint 1-D inversion of TEM and MT data from Olkaria Domes geothermal area, Kenya. Report 16, 289-318.

Lichoro, C.M., 2009b:  Appendices to the report:  Joint 1-D inversion of TEM and MT data from Olkaria Domes geothermal area, Kenya, Report 16. 45 pp.

Malimo, S.J., 2009:  Interpretation of geochemical well test data for wells OW-903b, OW-904b and OW-909, Olkaria Domes, Kenya. Report 17, 319-344.

Molina M., A. III, 2009:  Assessment of the northern part of the Los Azufres geothermal field, Mexico, by lumped parameter modelling and Monte Carlo simulation. Report 18, 345-364.

Mora S., R., 2009:  Design of monitoring and control systems for geothermal steam gathering systems - comparison with the existing system for the Miravalles geothermal field. Report 19,365-394.

Muhwezi, K.D., 2009:  The potential relationship of some geothermal fields in Uganda. Report 20, 395-434.

Ngaruye, J.C., 2009:  Geological and geothermal mapping of the Slaga-Arnarvatn area, Reykjanes peninsula, SW-Iceland. Report 21, 435-460.

Nyago, J., 2009:  1-D  joint inversion of MT and TEM data with examples from the Krýsuvík area, Reykjanes Peninsula, SW-Iceland. Report 22, 461-494.

Ouali, S., 2009: Thermal conductivity in relation to porosity and geological stratigraphy. Report 23, 495-512.

Ruiz M., J., 2009:  Reassessment of the production capacity of two geothermal fields in Nicaragua. Report 24, 513-534.

Rutagarama, U., 2009:  Assessing generating capacity of Rwanda geothermal fields from green field data only. Report 25, 535-558.

Wang Shufang, 2009:  Three-dimensional model of the Niutuozhen geothermal system, Hebei Province, China. Report 26, 559-583.



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